Learn how to design your dating experiences in a way that gets you what you want without compromising who you are.

Does this sound familiar?

You meet someone and, at first, they seem great! You continue to hangout and you settle into what FEELS like a relationship. You're spending all of your time together, you can't stop thinking about them, and just as you begin to fall deep for them...BOOM...It's over. What went wrong?!

What if you could...

Design your dating experiences in a way that could almost predict how each relationship would end up? What if you could shorten the “getting to know you” period so you can stop wasting time trying to “feel out” all the wrong people? 

Are you ready to take ownership of your dating process?


dating by design

This is the very same process that we used when we were dating that ultimately led us to marriage!

Here's what you'll get

8-Video Lessons to that walk you step-by-step to designing your personalized dating manual.

Our Printable Dating by Design eBook that includes worksheets for your dating manual. 

Bonus Download- “3 Easy Questions That Will Tell You Their Intentions With You”

Your next love
story begins here...

And it starts with you.

“I’ve been following the Martins for YEARS! I started with the Soul-Ties Detox and then read Dating by Design. At first I was skeptical of the process but now I am so happy I did! I’m engaged to someone amazing and it started with THIS process here! ”
– Tori

get started today!

Begin designing the dating experiences you desire and deserve. 

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